What makes our Biryani,

the best Biryani?

Only Basmati




The choicest


Only Pure

Desi Ghee

We believe that each meal is not only about the food, but also the wholesome experience that comes along with every meal. Hence, at box e biryani, we guarantee delicious food which will leave you with wanting for more!


Only Basmati Rice

Unlike other Biryani joints, we use only Basmati Rice which provides a richer taste, appatising fragrance, longer and softer grains and light on stomach. We source pemium quality Basmati to deliver you the best possible biryani, Box-e-Biryani.


The choicest

Ingredients form the heart of any dish, and we at Box e Biryani believe in choosing a blend of delectable ingredients. These ingedients are carefully selected for each dish and hence leaves one with experiencing unique flavours and a happy tummy! 


Aromatic Spices

A dash of dry red chilli, jeera, long and bay leaf in hot desi ghee, the the tadka is read to be used! You can almost hear the popping sound and smell the flavours! The aromatic spices in the biryani enriches its flavours and provides the mouth watering aroma!


Only Pure
Desi Ghee

The potpourri of ingredients and spices will be incomplete without dollops of desi ghee! Desi ghee is used to enhance the flavours as well as make the dish healthy.

And it's not just Biryanis

We serve a range of dishes including starters, pulaos, curries and more